Iris: Fine Art Portrait Session in Cook Forest PA

Iris and I set out to catch the sunrise for a fine art portrait session in Cook Forest Pennsylvania.

A few things didn’t go as planned. Almost nothing did. I brought my camera and she arrived, that is about all that went the right way.

We planned to meet “at the playground near the Sawmill”. Apparently there are two places that fit that description near the forest. Don’t be so vague next time.

6:30 AM arrives.

I arrive at one spot, in the pitch black with only a forest restroom illuminated by its bright spotlight, and Iris arrived at another location.

No cell phone service.

I decided I will give her a half hour, although we would surely miss the sunrise, because she is a Baker and was sure to be late.

I braved the dark and ran to the restroom, but on the way out there were no headlights from my car guiding my way. So I ran like a little baby, afraid of what may be lurking around.

I turned out fine, people.

The nearest cell phone service was down the road, so I went, afraid that if I left she would show up and wonder where I was. We finally got a hold of eachother, past sunrise, which coincidentally wasn;t that great anyway.

It was actually a rainy morning. Not at all what I had hoped for.

But it turned out awesome.

We climbed rocks, danced in the early morning in the quietness of the overlook and it was so peaceful.

Lesson learned. Make plans, but expect them to never go the way you had in mind.

(which is hard because I am a planner)

P.S. girl, you need to totally be a model.


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